2021 Election Candidates

Only access the ballot if you are a current gardener or co-gardener in good standing. If you are not your ballot will not be counted.


Amy Cheng

Amy is a trained architect and artist who joined Marymoor Garden solely as her mother’s planter box builder. She soon grew to love the garden and has taken it over this past year. It turns out, one of her favorite things is picking fresh sugar snap peas off an arbor trellis. Working in the garden occasionally becomes a family affair when she can manage to pry her three kids and husband away from their computers. Amy loves encouraging her fellow gardeners and learning from them. She believes strongly in the community at Marymoor and the effort behind it, as well as the future of the garden, which is why she is happy to serve on the board.

Betsy and her husband Michael moved to the PNW over 7 years ago. Having gardened outside of Chicago previously, they have amassed over 30 years of experience. When she isn’t gardening, she works as a Patient Coordinator for a Physical Therapy Clinic.


She is also a mom, grandma, freelance calligrapher, and loves to draw, volunteer and spend time with family and friends. Gardening has given her the opportunity to meet other like-minded people and spend hours outside soaking up nature and sun and cultivating friendships!


I have been a community gardener in good standing since 2010 sharing two plots with my daughter, Jenelle Barkley. I am also an active member of King County Master Gardeners since 2019. 


I served on Board 2016-2018 as Secretary.


I have been participating as a member of the  Food Bank Committee since early spring 2021. I have learned a great deal about intensive crop production. 


I am most proud to be a part of MCGA and the contributions of fresh organic vegetables we donate to Hopelink food bank. I am grateful to King County Parks for  the gardening opportunity it provides interested parties in our community. I appreciate the leadership of MCGA Board to make these things happen. We are so very fortunate.


I would be honored to be considered as a candidate and if elected to serve on the 2021-2023 MCGA Board. 

Masako has been a gardener from a young age. Just before dinner, her mother would ask her to grab something for their miso soup, that was her job as a small kid. While living in Tokyo, she rented a garden two hours drive from Tokyo. That was too far... so with her colleagues at Microsoft Japan, they started the “Microsoft Agricultural Club”.


When she moved to the US, she learned about Marymoor Community Garden. 2020 was a tough year for everyone but she felt very fortunate to be gardening. Joined MCGA Board from 2021 spring, she learnt the power of community through putting the security lights and working on Finance. Would like to continue to serve for the community.


Michael Lockwood

Hi MCGA Gardeners! Over the last two years I have served my first term on the MCGA Board as the secretary, a mentor (formerly row monitor), and implementing our technology updates. I was able to take on some important issues for the garden:

  1. Rebuilding our website on a modern platform.

  2. Enabling purchasing straw, compost, and plants online.

  3. Moving registration online.

  4. Setting up online MCGA elections.

  5. Rebuilding the row monitor program to focus on mentorship and success rather than just a rules enforcement committee.

  6. Creating a new system for Board meetings that allows greater transparency - publishing Board meeting minutes to our website, providing digital options for attending meetings when we had hybrid in-person/audio dial-in before the pandemic, and recording meetings for public record.

I would be honored to serve a second term and build upon some of these new offerings for our community.

Carol Johnson

Betsy Graham

Masako Kodama