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MCGA Rules

Abiding by these is a requirement for maintain status as a gardener in good standing.

  • I agree to all rules communicated on the MCGA website. I acknowledge MCGA is an organic garden and I must abide by all posted standards.

  • I agree to complete all service hours I owe. I acknowledge I must complete 8 hours for each full plot, 4 hours for each half plot, and 2 hours for each raised bed rental, by the end of the season. Donation of hours between gardeners is not permitted.

  • I acknowledge that unless I receive a prior exception or am a Produce Driver, I must complete half of my hours by July 1st.

  • I agree to maintain my plot(s) free of weeds, garbage, and hazardous materials. I acknowledge I may lose my plot(s) if after these matters are brought to my attention I cannot resolve them in a timely manner according to my designated mentor.

  • I agree to meet cultivation deadlines which generally occur in mid-April for removing weeds and June 1st for actively planting my plot(s).

  • I agree to pay the associated fees for my plot(s). The current fee is $90 per full plot,  $45 per half plot, and $40 for raised beds.

  • I acknowledge that I am responsible for cleaning up my plot if I leave the garden or choose not to renew the following year. I know that if I fail to do so I will pay a fee. Details on rentable conditions may be found on this page.

  • I agree to submit my service hours within 15 days of work otherwise I may forfeit those hours. I acknowledge I must report them using the designated form on the website. I acknowledge that if I need assistance to access the website it will be provided to me but I still must enter the hours myself. Hours reported after 15 days of service will be automatically denied.

  • I agree to only perform pre-approved work. I acknowledge any work that is not pre-approved may be rejected in which case it will not count towards my total required hours.

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