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Cool Season and Warm Season Crops

Spring 2021 will arrive at 5:37 a.m. Saturday, March 20. In the Pacific Northwest, we have three short growing seasons, spring, summer, and fall. Spring and fall crops will germinate and grow in cooler temperatures. See this shortlist. (Source: WSU)

Consult your seed packet or seed catalog for specific germination temperatures. This carrot example is from the Territorial seed catalog. It states carrot seeds germinate at soil temperatures between 45-85F. The best way to measure soil temperature is with a soil thermometer but, paying attention to the lowest nighttime temperatures is also an efficient way to estimate soil temperatures.

General planting calendars are another way to estimate when to sow your seeds and plant your starts. However, beware of adverse or unusual weather events and microclimates. (Source: Territorial Seed)

Actions Items for Spring Crops:

1. Remove weeds.

2. When purchasing seeds for spring and fall planting, purchase enough seeds for both spring and fall sowing. Take note of germination times as well as temperatures.

3. Keep soil moist until germination.

4. Protect your seedlings with row cover, other barriers, and/or OMRI registered slug bait.

5. Reseed if you experience low germination or seedling loss.

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