Our Board and Team

Get to know the dedicated board and team members behind Marymoor Community Garden Association. We are united in our passion to create an inclusive community garden that provides a safe and welcoming growing space.  Read on to learn more about who we are and what we do.


Once upon a time, Robin's biggest gardening problem was figuring out how to get the pea harvest into the house before my toddling baby daughter ate them all. It's been more than 30 years since then, and we are still gardening together. Robin and her family gardens at Marymoor because of the friendly and knowledgeable community. They are also big fans of the J. Mac food bank garden and all it does. 


Robin is a past MCGA President and had served on the MCGA Board from 2015 through 2019. Now she serves as the Registrar. 

Kirby-MCGA President

Kirby has been a gardener since he was a child; roughly 50 years. The story of his family moving to the Northwest is the story of their participation in MCGA. They signed up for a 1/2 plot before moving here in mid-2016.  Cheryl, his wife, likes to say they got off the plane and the next day they were digging in their plot.  It was actually the very next weekend. Kirby has been joined by his daughter Hilary and they co-garden three plots.  Kirby is currently serving as the MCGA Board President, and he also serves the public as a Master Gardener clinician at the Bellevue Home Depot.

Hannah-Food Bank Team

Hannah was born and raised in our beautiful Sammamish Valley, just four miles from Marymoor Community Garden, and began gardening as a toddler, under her dad's tutelage.  She has been gardening at Marymoor now for 16 years and has worked as a food bank manager for the past 3 seasons.  She loves our gardens, our community, and all she's learned from others.  What a grand experience!

Masako-Finance Oversight

Masako has been a gardener from a young age. Just before dinner, her mother would ask her to grab something for their miso soup, that was her job as a small kid. While living in Tokoyo, she rented a garden two hours drive from Tokyo. That was too far... so with her colleagues at Microsoft Japan, they started the “Microsoft Agricultural Club”. When she moved to the US, she learned about Marymoor Community Garden. 2020 was a tough year for everyone but she felt very fortunate to be gardening. Gardening helped a lot while she going through a challenging situation with sick family, serving the community was a great way to give back to the garden. 

Michael-Secretary and Webmaster

Michael gardens at Marymoor because he enjoys taking advantage of the full sun to grow unique varieties of crops and has found a lot of joy in creating and maintaining his plots. He is passionate about helping MCGA improve its communications through the website and dashboard as well as making sure the mentoring program supports the success of each gardener.

Bev-Finance Committee

Bev has gardened at MCGA for 6 years & loves the community aspect of it. Sharing in growing organic produce for the less fortunate in our area, whilst working alongside gardeners from all over the world, is what she enjoys. In the past, she has also served as the registrar for 3 years.

Gia-MCGA VP, Communications, and Volunteer Coordinator

Gia is the volunteer coordinator at MCGA. She gardens with her family and enjoys growing new and unusual crops.  Her interest in gardening began as a child when she used to garden with her parents on Guam.   Her goal is to nurture successful gardens through horticultural education/mentoring and to build a diverse and inclusive gardening community through outreach. Unequivocally, one of the best things about being at MCGA is meeting gardeners and sharing produce.

Michelle-Food Bank Lead

One of the original founders of MCGA, Michelle is our tireless food bank manager. She supports the garden in many ways, as a knowledgeable gardener who is always willing to lend a hand and provide gardening advice and as a historian, who keeps much knowledge about the creation of MCGA.

Betsy-Education Committee Member

Betsy is a happily married mother of three grown children and shares gardening with her husband Michael. Together they gardened in Chicago and now Redmond and amassed over 30 years of experience. When she isn’t gardening, she works full time as a Patient Coordinator for a Physical Therapy Clinic. She is also a freelance calligrapher, loves to draw, volunteer and spend time with family and friends. Gardening has given her the opportunity to meet other like-minded people and spend hours outside, soaking up nature, sun and friendships!

John-Food Bank Lead

John tends to his own plots with his wife Cheryl.  The two have been gardening at Marymoor since the ’90s. Both are addicted to homegrown tomatoes and go into terrible withdrawal for nine or so months during the year.  Corn is a favorite too. He works to plan food bank work prior to and during the growing season. John leads food bank work parties to ensure maximum produce production and quality, and comradery. John also supports the MCGA board on an “as needed” basis doing data analysis, particularly involving water usage, the garden’s largest expense.

Elona-Grounds and Finance Committes

Elona supports various committees and crews at MCGA. Her focus is on supporting MCGA's growth and development as an organization, food production for Hopelink, and building gardens and habitats on the MCGA grounds.  She grew up on a farm in Western Washington and started learning how to garden in her parent’s vegetable and flower beds.