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Rentable Condition Agreement

At Marymoor Community Garden, we build community and trust.  We nurture not only our food but also our fellow gardeners. Working together in this collaborative environment breeds friendship, workmanship, mentorship but mostly a great passion for what we all love, making things grow! All gardeners need to have a common goal for keeping our plots in good condition during and after the time spent at the garden.


Starting in 2022, we will charge a fee for gardeners who leave their plots in an unrentable condition. The fee can be up to $100 for full plots, $50 for half plots, and $50 for beds. The amount may be higher if additional property damage was caused.


Many of us took over a garden plot that was less than satisfactory and it was a lot of work to get it into shape to even begin planting. Recently, we have used work crews to help clean up abandoned plots, but we are moving towards using our community service hours on other projects, not to clean up plots. We recognize that when you agree to rent a plot, you agree to the rules that govern that transaction. Thus, we are asking ALL gardeners to take care of their spaces at all times. When you vacate your plot, we ask you to abide by some simple rules:


  1. Your plot should be clear of all weeds and invasive plants. 

  2. Your plot should be neat and free of debris and garbage.

  3. Your plot should not have any hazardous items left behind.

  4. Any fencing* or other structures that are in disrepair, should be removed. (*Intact fencing and/or raised beds, will be inspected by MCGA to determine if they should be removed)

  5. If you leave in winter with straw on your beds, you can leave the straw as long as the rest of the plot is neat and follows the above rules.

  6. If you leave suddenly due to unforeseen circumstances, you will need to arrange for your plot to be cleaned on your behalf.

  7. If you do not satisfy the above rules, you will owe a fee to have your plot retuned to rentable condition and you may forfeit the opportunity to return to Marymoor Community Garden.



Below are samples of plots that are not in rentable condition as well as an example of a plot that was cleaned out this summer and is completely “vegetation” free. 

Examples of Unrentable

Gardener Required to Pay Fee


Weeds, debris and structures in disrepair-UNRENTABLE.

Weeds, debris, broken fencing should be removed. Cages, wiring, pots and hoses can easily be donated by placing them on the picnic table. Mature plants such as the lavender, could remain. If the hose belongs to the garden, it should be neatly wrapped on the hose reel. If not, it can also be donated or disposed of.


Weeds and dilapidated fencing should be removed. The chairs, green posts, caging materials and the greenhouse could all be donated to fellow gardeners or disposed of.

Weeds, debris, caging and other materials need to be removed. If wooden/metal raised beds are in good shape, they can remain but will need to be inspected by MCGA.

Example of Rentable

No Fee Required


Very clean plot, no debris or weeds. Fencing is in good shape. RENTABLE PLOT.

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