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Itachi White Cucumbers

I love growing new and unique food crops. The Itachi Cucumber is long, slender, with small seed cavities, and white! These thin-skinned fruits are crunchy, sweet, and have a superb taste with no bitterness. Itachi holds up well to cooking and makes an excellent addition to any stir-fry.

Trellis the 4-5 foot vines for straighter growth and save space at the same time. They're very prolific and requires regular picking in order to produce more cucumbers. Sets fruit without pollination. The Itachi Cucumber is surely suitable for greenhouse growing. They can handle warm climate up to 98F, but direct sun will cause the fruit to turn slightly green. Allow the plant canopy to shield the fruits from sun.

CULTURE: Requires warm, well-drained soil high in fertility, with a pH of 6–6.8. Consistent, adequate irrigation is needed to produce an abundant crop. Cucumbers are very sensitive to cold. Make sure both soil and air temperatures have warmed prior to planting. Using plastic mulch and row covers will greatly enhance the vigor and potential yields of cucumbers by providing warmth and insect protection.

Try growing it next season.


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