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Tomato Spotlight-Ananas Noir

I grew this gorgeous tomato last year and forgot to post about it. As you plan your summer garden, consider Ananas Noir. (anne-nah-nas no-ore) This is a French name that means the black pineapple.

Ananas Noir is a beefsteak tomato developed by Belgian horticulturist, Pascal Moreau. This indeterminate plant boasts fruits up to 1 1/2 pounds. Smooth-skinned and bursting with black, brown, green, red, orange, and pink hues. The flesh is sweet and meaty. Since the fruits are so heavy, a good tomato cage is essential.

Fruits often weigh close to 1 pound or more.

This tomato is so refreshing, and tasty it is best eaten fresh.

All text and photos by Gia Parsons

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