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Tomato Spotlight-Brad's Atomic Grape

Brad's Atomic Grape Tomato is a genuinely amazing looking grape tomato. Some call it downright "ugly" while others think it is a "technicolor marvel." This thicker-skinned tomato is an indeterminate and grows vigorously on sturdy clusters. Proper staking or caging is necessary to support this productive vine which can grow up to four feet tall. Bred by Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms in California, this tomato is a top seller. Look for this specialty tomato at nurseries and farmer's markets.

The fruits are striped, speckled, and have a full range of colors, from yellow, orange, to black, purple, and olive when ripe. It is not easy to tell when the fruit are ripe. I give them a gentle squeeze and pick them when they yield to gentle pressure.

Due to its thicker skin, this tomato transports well. The flavor is fresh, bright, and delicious. I would say it has an old-fashioned tomato taste with a bit of added sweetness. This size of these fruits ranges from plum-sized to a small grape. They are oblong and perfect for snacking or fresh eating in salads.

The popularity of this tomato is unparalleled! Get your seed early as it is sure to sell out.

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