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Tomato Spotlight-Kryptonite

Who can pass up a tomato with such an otherworldly name? When I heard the name kryptonite, I automatically thought of Superman and the word that has become synonymous with weakness.

Bred by Brad Gates at Wild Boar Farm, Kryptonite is a truly exotic-looking tomato with slightly oblate fruits and gorgeous metallic-like skin. It is striped in green-gold-orange-black and has a darker neck—green flesh with a pleasant tangy tomato flavor. Kryptonite is quite productive, and the plants are indeterminate. The fruit is extra durable, has an extended shelf life, and averages 2-4 oz. It is also not uncommon for the leaves to be somewhat curly. Look for specialty tomatoes at local plant sales or online!

No-one can tell me this tomato does not belong in the movies!

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