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Work Release Paste Tomato

What a strange name for a paste tomato! Paste tomatoes are renowned for being the best tomato for tomato sauce, in Italian, passata di pomodoro. These tomatoes should have thick flesh and very few seeds. When picked at the peak of ripeness, no sugar is needed to create a well-rounded sauce that is tangy, sweet, and sumptuous.

"Originally from the Hudson Correctional Facility in Hudson, NY. It came from an inmate of Italian heritage whose family brought it from Italy. These are heart or bomb shaped beauties. Most are very large averaging about 1 pound. The majority have some fluting but occasionally get a rare one without it. Very meaty with low seed count. Not quite as dry as some pastes, a little more juice to them. Taste is mild sweet flavor. Very good sauce tomato. Plants are wispy like most heart varieties. I consider this a must for collectors."

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My first tomato was this beauty! Almost two pounds with very few seeds! I withheld water for three days before picking this monster, which was unbelievably sweet. As I cut the flesh into thick slices, I marveled at the succulent nature of the delicious slices, which were not grainy at all!

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